About Us

ISB Development Corporation, founded in 1991, is a private equity firm focused on providing specialized strategic, turn-around, and capital in companies in the initial stages of development, such as commercial retail, food production industries, culinary stores, small financial institutions, and new developing companies in content production.

Headquartered in Atlanta, ISB is not only invests in private companies, but also provide specialist strategic, turn-around and capital raising advice to a number of big businesses in various part of the world.

ISB investment philosophy is based on the principle of strategic partnership with the founding shareholders. Creating a comfortable framework for long-term growth, ISB provides managerial, financial, organizational and business development support.
Animaccord Animation studio was founded in 2008 to produce animation projects and digital processing of visual data. We work in the field of classic 3D animation which allows us to produce animation films, television animation, computer games animation where there is a demand for vivid visual images.

Masha and The Bear is the first Russian animation brand which has the potential to connect with children all over the world thanks to its style end emotional appeal generated by top-notch animation quality and amusing scenarios. Series tell us about unique relationship between main characters.
Since our inception as Atlanta Business Bank in 2002, Affinity Bank has provided businesses and organizations with more than financial services. We've provided a partner. Someone who takes the time to understand their business and their needs in order to serve them better. And now, as Affinity Bank, we will continue to use the expertise we've gained through our client relationships in fields like Dentistry, Churches, Non-Profits, and Medical to be an even better partner - to them, and you.

We believe a bank should make it easy for customers to manage and access their money so they can spend their time doing the things they love. After all, we're bankers. We love calculating compound interest, we enjoy account reconciliation, and we're thrilled to examine loan applications. But for individuals or businesses, if you don't love it, there are much better uses of your time. Our goal, to help you spend less time banking and more time doing your thing.

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